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Hi there! I’m Dora, a remote social media manager and online marketing specialist with several years of experience. My professional endeavours can be described as a blend of ideas, creativity, detail, and care, all driven by a strong curiosity and love of exploration, both in the digital and offline world.

I work with freelancers, startups and small businesses to help them find their voice and place online.
My approach is simple: understand each brand’s unique story and goals, then create strategies that are as precise as they are effective. When I’m not navigating the digital landscape, you can probably find me at the beach or crocheting something beautiful.

Let’s connect and make something great together.

Ps: Want to jump right in? Klick to learn more about my: Social Media Management, WordPress Design, and my Online Marketing Services.

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Let’s work together to create an online platform that not only looks great, but also serves as a powerful tool for your business growth.

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