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A Guide to Social Media Engagement Hierarchy

Understanding the engagement hierarchy comes into play when trying to connect with your audience in a way that matters. Social media engagement shows us the way from a simple view to creating those wow moments that turn followers into fans and fans into customers.
Let’s explore each level of this hierarchy and discover how to make every interaction count.

Reach and Impressions

Think of the number of post views and impressions as waving hello in a crowded room. It’s your first interaction with people on social media. Every view is a chance for someone to stop and think, “Hey, this looks interesting, let’s check it out!”

Likes and Reactions

When someone hits the Like button or reacts to your post, it’s like a nod of approval. It’s a small gesture, sure, but it’s one that says, “I see you, and I like what I see!” Encouraging more of these moments is fundamental to building an engaged audience.


Now for the good stuff. Just as views were a “hello,” comments are more like the start of a conversation at a party. It’s where initial connections deepen and we get to share ideas, laugh, or dive into discussion. Want more comments? Ask questions, share thought-provoking content, or just be genuinely curious about your followers’ thoughts and feelings.


Sharing is caring. So when someone shares our content, it’s like saying, “This is awesome, and I want everyone to know about it!” It’s a huge compliment and a great way to spread our message or even make our post go viral.


Saves, hold an important but often overlooked place in the social media engagement hierarchy. They represent a deeper level of engagement because they indicate that users find your content valuable enough to bookmark and revisit it later and repeatadly.

Direct Messages

Direct messaging is the digital equivalent of a heartfelt conversation over coffee. It’s personal, it’s direct, and it’s incredibly powerful for building trust and loyalty. Being open, genuine, and responsive in DMs can turn casual followers into true believers in your brand or mission.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is like your audience joining you on stage for a duet. It’s a sign of true engagement that shows your followers who use your content aren’t just fans, they’re active participants in your brand’s story.


At the top of this engagement hierarchy are conversions – when your followers take the action you’ve guided them to take. As a brand, this is the bottom of your social media marketing funnel. It could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or joining a community. If you want to know whether your social media strategy is working, measure your conversions to see if you can turn engagement into tangible results.

Learning about the engagement hierarchy isn’t just a technical thing – it’s about making your mark in the digital world in a way that’s both meaningful and rewarding. It’s your roadmap to not only achieve your social media goals, but to make the journey there a lot more fun and fulfilling for your audience and for you.

This is just a teaser. In the next article I’m going to reveal engagement hierarchy in social media is super important, and here’s why it really matters to folks like us, whether we’re creators, brands or anyone wishing to grow on social media.


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